It’s a time for giving and for thanking

It’s a time for giving and for thanking

As the year closes – and what a year it has been – it’s a time to give the gift of gratitude. And as we embrace family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances – from a social distanced position – remember it’s your eyes that will shine with sincerity, while your smile will be hidden by your mask.

EyecareThe gift of vision should never be taken for granted so take a moment to thank your eyes for their dependability. They allow you to appreciate the celebrations, the joy, and the merriment that is synonymous with year-end festivities. Sadly, our entertainment will be somewhat reduced this year, but we can, and will, devise alternative activities – not allowing the Covid-19 restrictions to spoil this time.

Perhaps you’ll find the opportunity to realise the important role your eyes are playing as you prepare and enjoy your festive-season dinner, watch the interaction between guests, see the brightly coloured decorations and observe activities that are taking place around you and those happening further away.

Make a mental note of the things for which you can give your eyes credit.

The following is our short list. We are sure you can add to it.

  • As soon as you lift your eyelids your eyes are ready to get to work. There’s no need for a warm-up or a jolt of coffee – they are at their peak and prepared for action. Your eyelids may take a while to lift but you can count on those peepers behind your eyelids.
  • Your eyes are the supreme matchmakers… It’s said that eye contact is more intimate than words can ever be, and did you know that dilated pupils can be caused by feelings of romantic love? Remember the song ‘I saw the love in your eyes’ by Vicky Leandros?
  • When your camera is not at hand you can rely on your eyes to capture the moment. Imagine the many images in the photograph album of your eyes. That’s the reason we can reminisce and recall a moment in time “as though it happened yesterday”.
  • Six skeletal muscles surround and move the eye. They work against one another to act as one as they produce various eye movements. These muscles, although small and not particularly strong, are exceptionally fast and precise, allowing the eye to perform many complex tasks, including tracking moving objects, scanning for objects, and maintaining a stable image on the retina.
  • With proper treatment your eyes will, generally, respond favourably. Most vision problems are treatable.

If you are travelling this festive season remember that – apart from checking your car, its tyres, as well as its license disc and your drivers’ licence – your eyes and your spectacles/contact lenses need attention, as well.

We take this opportunity to wish you a happy, healthy and safe festive season, and may 2021 be kind to all of us.

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Let your eye care journey start with us.

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