Free eye tests for pensioners

It’s a trying time for all, and we appreciate the loss of income, for some, as well as the loss of jobs, for others. Pensioners, however, have little opportunity to make up for the loss their investments are showing. This is where we enter to help relieve the financial strain, because we are concerned that pensioners, under stress, may neglect having an all-important consultation.

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Payment Plans To Suit Your Budget

Covid-19 has brought an ‘avalanche’ of misinformation and misunderstanding. We know it’s real and we know people die - but the how, why, what, where, when and who continue to mystify us. That aside, we also know many people have lost an income, lost a job, or lost a business. For some the struggle to survive has become a challenge. We, however, are offering a little glimmer of light…

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