Payment Plans To Suit Your Budget

Payment Plans To Suit Your Budget

Budget plan focusses on holistic eye care

Covid-19 has brought an ‘avalanche’ of misinformation and misunderstanding. We know it’s real and we know people die – but the how, why, what, where, when and who continue to mystify us.

That aside, we also know many people have lost an income, lost a job, or lost a business. For some the struggle to survive has become a challenge.  We, however, are offering a little glimmer of light…

During this critical time, we hope you are keeping a clear focus on your eyes. We do not want you to neglect them, even though we are going through a critical period. This time will pass, and you will want to see clearly when we return to normality – whatever form it may take.

We have a variety of options to help those experiencing financial limitations. Please make an appointment so that we can discuss your requirements and devise a payment plan that will suit your budget. Rest assured – we respect each person’s needs.

We offer a relaxed, peaceful space with a team that will work for – and with – you. We provide quality service – and products at prices that we can help you afford. For example, we have a range of

frames to suit all preferences, discounts of up to 30% on certain items, eye tests for all conditions, as well as free glasses for children under the age of 12 years.

Please read our previous blogs to keep yourself informed about eye conditions and eye care. If you are experiencing any eye discomfort – make an appointment, today.

Perhaps you are due for a check-up – make an appointment, today.

We follow all the Covid-19 health protocols – and implore you to follow good eye-care practices.

Let your journey to eye health start with us.

Let your eye care journey start with us.

Let your eye care journey start with us.

"The Visonworks Overport Team"

We are available for eye emergencies and advise.


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