Fact, fiction, or old wives’ remedies

We are familiar with the word fact but what about fiction and old wives’ remedies? The Merriam-Webster dictionary gave the simplest explanation that fiction is “something invented by the imagination” and of an old-wives’ remedy it stated it’s “an often-traditional belief that is not based on fact”.

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Take Good Care of Your Eyes

There are many aspects to sight and vision but, as an optometrist, I focus on the physical eye. Can you remember when you last had an eye examination? I hope it was within the last two years.

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Is it normal for vision to change with age?

Some changes are normal – some aren’t. As we age, we lose certain visual abilities we had when we were younger.
If you have any of the following conditions, it’s advisable to visit an optometrist because early detection means a better chance of fighting a dis-ease:

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To drive or not to drive at night

To drive, or not to drive – at night

Not driving at night means locking your garage door just after sunset and opening it just before sunrise. This, for most, is not an option. So, unless you have some form of transport service in your area – and you are prepared/can afford to use it – you are going to be driving at night.

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