Anti Fog spray. There’s no reason to be all fogged up.

Anti Fog spray. There’s no reason to be all fogged up.


Who knows for how long we’ll be in lockdown mode, or fearful of contracting a virus, so it’s probably safe to say face masks may be the ‘new normal’? With this additional accessory, however, comes a problem – if you wear glasses. It’s the nuisance factor of foggy lenses while wearing a mask.

Your glasses fog up when you’re wearing a face mask because the mask directs the warm air you breathe out, upwards, causing condensation on the cooler lenses.

We have a few hints and tips that may help the fogged-up problem, but we highly recommend our anti-fog lens cleaner. It’s easy to use, can be carried in the console of your motor vehicle or your handbag/briefcase – and it works without fuss or frustration. Avoid anti-fogging products designed for motor vehicles or other purposes, because they could ruin your prescription lenses.

You may like to try the following suggestions:

  • the easiest solution is to give your lenses a soapy, warm-water wash, allow them to air dry and then polish with a soft cloth – too much washing, however, is not recommended – avoid using shampoo, toothpaste and shaving cream (that said, polishing your lenses with a tiny dab of shaving cream works – allow to dry before buffing)
  • wear a good-fitting mask, preferably one with wire over the bridge of your nose to ensure a close fit
  • use tape, plaster, or double-sided tape to hold the mask securely on to your face – but beware of any allergic reactions to your skin
  • fold a tissue and place it under the top of your mask – this will absorb moisture as you exhale
  • work out ways to get a tighter fit with your mask – twist the ear loops to form an X, or use the two-hole button and thin elastic bands method that attaches your mask to the arms of your glasses – the latter is not appropriate for those who wear readers
  • glasses with nose pads can be adjusted to fit slightly further down your nose – be aware that this may alter your vision
  • hold your upper lip over your lower lip and exhale warm air downwards – and hope no one can see through your mask!
  • if masks are here to stay you may consider lenses with an anti-fog coating when buying your next pair of glasses

After reading all these suggestions, you may prefer to pop into our showroom and buy a bottle of easy-to-use, anti-fog, lens cleaner.

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