Ask your optometrist about blue-light emissions

Ask your optometrist about blue-light emissions

What do you know about blue light?

The main source of it comes from the sun so, as long as we are outdoors, we are exposed to blue light.

There, however, are many sources of man-made, indoor, blue light including:

  • fluorescent and LED lighting
  • flat-screen televisions
  • computer screen
  • electronic notebooks
  • smartphones

These devices emit only a fraction of blue light compared with the sun – but the amount of time spent on the devices and the proximity of them to the user has optometrists concerned about its effect on eye health. The result, it’s believed, can be changes similar to macular degeneration and can possibly lead to permanent vision loss. Blue light protection may be even more important after cataract surgery.

There are some scientists who consider blue light from electronic devices will not increase the risk of your eye health but say, when using them at night, the light emitted may disrupt sleep patterns, thereby disturbing other aspects of your health. Computer glasses are recommended when looking at computer screens and other digital devices for long periods of time because this activity can contribute to digital eye strain.

To prevent eye strain

  • blink frequently – and, on occasion, slowly – when in front of a screen
  • remember the 20-20-20 rule – look away from the screen after about 20 minutes and gaze at an object about 20 feet (six metres) away for about 20 seconds.

Although not all blue light is bad – and scientists have yet to establish how much damage natural and man-made blue light can cause – it’s best to be proactive and discuss the topic with your optometrist.

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